Quality is guaranteed, also in the installation phase. We supply the laboratory of water, gas and electricity (piping and fittings) and pick the best CHAIRS, TAPS, EMERGENCY AND EYE SHOWERS, etc. We can offer custom made accessories like monitor arms, trays or a movable extra working surface.
  • We will take care of all architectural joints as well as all internal piping.

    Our laboratory taps (FAR / BROEN) are available with a standard protection value of IP 20, IP 44 or higher if necessary. Colour coding complies with EN13792. Technical purity and high purity 5.0 is guaranteed. Taps can be fitted with pressure regulators.

    Power sockets (Gira) in white, and can be red or green for emergency power.
  • Ask more information about these products.

  • In terms of personal safety, you can opt for single or double eye showers.
    In the same way as emergency showers, we use the products of FAR and BROEN.
  • Declutter your worktop by using service bridges to store extra materials.

    Create a practical workspace with our monitor supports, book supports, container holders, etc.
  • Local extraction from supplier Alsident with various hoods. Wall or ceiling installation.
  • Organise your worktop using drawer dividers and trays.
    Create extra worktop protection with surface protection plates (ceramic, stainless steel or glass).