Create a practical workspace with freestanding furniture like vibration-proof weighing tables and weighing blocks, or portable tables. We can make custom-made cupboards like cupboards for ACID AND ALKALI STORAGE, CUPBOARDS WITH PULL-OUT DRAWERS, SAFETY CABINETS, etc.
  • The weighing tables make it possible to perform exact measurements without the influence of vibrations.

    Weighing table type F consists of a metal base and a blue ashlar plate. The whole structure is incorporated into a wooden frame.

    Weighing table type M consists of a metal base made from tubular profiles featuring a profiled metal plate. The worktop consists of a blue ashlar plate, 80mm thickness.
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  • Products can be stored in one of our standard cupboards or in tailor-made cabinets (suspended cabinets, upright cabinets, pharmacist's cabinets, etc.). Optional glass doors, movable ladders, and extraction systems.
  • If necessary, we can also supply acid and alkali storage cabinets. The shelves are adjustable and air is supplied via the base.

    Our suppliers for safety cabinets (for flammable products) are Asecos and Duperthal.
  • Freestanding tables (such as mobile tables) can be fitted with the worktop of your choice. Desks possible with or without cupboards.
  • We suggest ergonomic furniture. A foot support on a work chair, or a saddle seat, ensures a good posture.