The PL FUME CUPBOARD is our basic fume cupboard and offers the quality synonymous with POTTEAU Labo. The two-part sliding sash features safety glass and is protected in case of cable failure. Special versions like the ‘drive-in’ or ‘service hatch’ fume cupboards are possible.

The EN FUME CUPBOARD had been tested and is more than perfectly in accordance with the European Norm 14175-3. The spoiler on the worktop helps to ensure efficient extraction, while the bypass grille ensures a constant face velocity into the fume cupboard. The AIRFLOW control system guarantees safe operation.

The F-LOW FUME CUPBOARD constitutes unknown quality and innovation. The F-LOW has been developed to maximise efficiency and thus realise energy savings of 40%. The internal space has rounded edges, and baffles are no longer needed which create an internal space that is seamless and easy to clean. The AIRFLOW control system guarantees safe operation.

The PURE FUME CUPBOARD the most environment and energy-friendly fume cupboard and only needs an electrical outlet to function. Thanks to the new and well thought-out filter-system, there’s no more need for external air extraction or conditioned compensation air. The AIRFLOW control system and the back-up filter guarantee safe operation.