Our TYPE F benches, completely closed constructions with acid-resisting sealed plinths, are extremely maintenance-friendly. With this type, the useable storage space of the underbench cupboards and drawers is maximised.

The TYPE M offers flexibility thanks to its sliding and moveable cupboards. The 4-legged bases allow worktops to offer high load-bearing capacity.

The sliding cupboards of the TYPE VU also maximise work station flexibility. The C-structure of the base helps to create spacious and comfortable seat openings and makes it easy to perform maintenance under the tables.

The CHROMOSOME range (X&Y) not only looks modern and streamlined, but it is also the most innovative work station when it comes to ergonomics and practicality. The long span of the frame and the bridge (up to 3m) creates a much larger worktop and more space for accessories like monitor supports. The moveable cupboards improve flexibility and make the lab maintenance-friendly.